I, Tonya (2017)

I, Tonya (2017)

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Runtime: 120 min
Genre: Biography / Comedy / Drama / Sport | 2017 | 19 Jan 2018 (USA)

From the proverbial wrong side of the tracks in Portland, Oregon, former competitive figure skater Tonya Harding was never fully accepted in the figure skating community for not inherently being the image of grace, breeding and privilege that the community wanted to portray, despite she being naturally gifted in the sport athletically. Despite ultimately garnering some success in figure skating being national champion, a world championship medalist, an Olympian, and being the first American woman to complete a Triple Axel in competition, she is arguably best known for her association to "the incident": the leg bashing on January 6, 1994 of her competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, who, unlike Tonya, was everything that the figure skating community wanted in their representatives. Her association to that incident led to Tonya being banned from competitive figure skating for life. Tonya's story from the beginning of her figure skating life at age four to the aftermath of the incident is presented. Besides Tonya herself, key people in her life give their perspective of their role in her life. Although they may agree on the broad issues at hand, such as that the incident did occur, they may vary widely in their recollection of the details. These people are: her waitress mother Lavona Golden, who despite having paid for her expensive figure skating lessons, was abusive toward her physically and emotionally, never believing she being good enough in any aspect of the word, and who pulled her from school to focus solely on the figure skating; Diane Rawlinson, her first and longest serving coach, who, for good or bad, largely let Tonya be Tonya in the way she presented herself to the figure skating world; Jeff Gillooly, her first husband, the two who also had a turbulent relationship on a need to be loved perhaps without truly loving the other; Jeff's friend and Tonya's bodyguard Shawn Eckardt, a dim bulb who believed himself to be a bigger player in the big scheme of life than he actually was; and sports journalist Martin Maddox, a fictional character who provides general commentary of what the sports media as a collective wanted out of Tonya and the incident. Written by Huggo

I, Tonya

Director: Craig Gillespie

Writer: Steven Rogers

Company: Clubhouse Pictures (II)

Awards: Won 1 Oscar. Another 40 wins & 115 nominations.

Aspect Ratio: 2.39 : 1

Country: United States

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Location: Macon, Georgia, USA


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Sound Mix: Dolby Atmos

Tagline: There's no need to have class when you have talent.

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Writer: Steven Rogers

Cast: Margot Robbie / Sebastian Stan / Allison Janney / Julianne Nicholson / Paul Walter Hauser / Bobby Cannavale / Bojana Novakovic / Caitlin Carver / Maizie Smith / Mckenna Grace / Suehyla El-Attar / Jason Davis / Mea Allen / Cory Chapman / Amy Fox / Cara Mantella / Joshua Mikel / Lynne Ashe / Steve Wedan / Brandon O'Dell / Davin Allen Grindstaff / Daniel Thomas May / Anthony Reynolds / Ricky Russert / Al Bianchi / Miles Mussenden / Annie Livingston / Jan Harrelson / Luray Cooper / Dan Triandiflou / Kelly O'Neal / Lisa Kaye Kinsler / Cecil Love / Alphie Hyorth / Sean Goulding / Bobby Browning / Little Man / Bobby Akers / Gabriela Amarchand / John Jacob Anderson / Jeffery Arseneau / Cassidy Balkcom / Heather Jocelyn Blair / David Bloom / Connie Elizabeth Branch / Patti Brindley / Ruby Bustamante / Buddy Cannon / Lucie Carroll / Jamel Chambers / Connie Chung / Michael R. Ciminna / Kaleigh Brooke Clark / John Crow / Ann Curry / Fi Dieter / Laura Distin / Catherine Dyer / Robin Dyke / Duke Edson / Calen Curtis Edwards / Kayla Ellenwood / Gavrielle Anne Fontanilla / Dudley Fuqua / Renah Gallagher / Mistie Gibby / Jeff Glover / Lavona Golden / Tonya Harding / Kandace Howard / Adrienne Johnson / Jamie King / Kris Kozlowski / Demetri Landell / Matt Lauer / Jason MacDonald / Tweed Michael Manning / Timothy D. Montjoy / Cassidy Morgan / Joel Nathaniel / Brian Neal / Charlie Reyes-Torreblanca / Brady Rogers / Patti Schellhaas / Silvia Schueler / Leonel Severino / James Stacey / James Sterling / Doug Stroup / Joey Thurmond / Evan Towell / Jordyn Tracy / Evan George Vourazeris / William Walker / Christina Michelle Williams / Heather Williams / Raven Wynn / Lina Zalewski

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