House on Willow Street (2016)

House on Willow Street (2016)

Rating: 5/10 from 6,889 users
Runtime: 90 min
Genre: Action / Horror / Thriller | 2016 | 24 Mar 2017 (USA)

For desperate petty crooks Hazel and her boyfriend Ade, kidnapping is their last chance to finally get a normal life. Their well-chosen target: a filthy rich diamond distributor's young and innocent daughter. For this reason, after six weeks of careful and meticulous planning, nothing seems to cloud the success of this obviously fast and easy job, after all, a hefty ransom of 300 carats of diamonds is a risk worth taking. Nevertheless, as right from the start, the ominous feeling that something is quite off is threatening to send Hazel's fail-proof plan down the drain, the unaware and helpless gang is bound to discover that the ancient evil of this world always lurks in the darkest of places. Written by Nick Riganas

House on Willow Street

Director: Alastair Orr

Writer: Catherine Blackman / Jonathan Jordaan / Alastair Orr

Company: Fat Cigar Productions

Awards: 2 wins & 2 nominations.

Aspect Ratio: n/A

Country: South Africa

Creator: n/A

Location: n/A


Seasons: n/A

Sound Mix: n/A

Tagline: Evil has an address...

User Review: 58

Writer: Catherine Blackman / Jonathan Jordaan / Alastair Orr

Cast: Sharni Vinson / Carlyn Burchell / Steven John Ward / Gustav Gerdener / Zino Ventura / Dimitri Bajlanis / Zelmia Bezuidenhout / Nicole De Klerk / Monica Ann Fourie / Ashish Gangapersad / Ter Hollmann / Gina Shmukler / Mia Slabbert / Jonathan Taylor

Language: English