The Lovers (2017)

The Lovers (2017)

Rating: 6.1/10 from 1,658 users
Runtime: 97 min
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance | 2017 | 5 May 2017 (USA)

Debra Winger and Tracy Letts play a long-married, dispassionate couple who are both in the midst of serious affairs. But on the brink of calling it quits, a spark between them suddenly reignites, leading them into an impulsive romance.

The Lovers (2017/I)

Director: Azazel Jacobs

Writer: Azazel Jacobs

Company: A24

Awards: 2 nominations

Country: USA

Location: Santa Clarita, California, USA

MPAA: Rated R for sexuality and language

Tagline: A love so strong it can survive marriage

Writer: Azazel Jacobs

Cast: Debra Winger / Tracy Letts / Aidan Gillen / Melora Walters / Tyler Ross / Jessica Sula / Lesley Fera / Barry Eisen / Wayne Alon Scott / Vanessa Christelle / Jeff Cairns / Janine Mitchell / Eric Satterberg

Language: English